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About us

    La Folie welcomed the first guests in the summer of 2012, once Palas Mall Iași opened. Even though there were plenty coffee shops across the city, we soon became the locals’ favorite café. The cozy atmosphere and our passion for homemade pastry were some of the reasons for which La Folie became so loved.

   Shortly after we opened, the coffee shop became too small for those eager to taste our products. Therefore we opened a new coffee shop in Iași and expanded in Bucharest as well. At the end of 2014 we opened the third La Folie caffé in Victoriei Square area from Bucharest.

    La Folie products are made with love and out of love for the people you care about. Our Pastry Chefs dedicate themselves to creating true works of art and everything is based on original recipes, using only natural ingredients. Nothing is done randomly and each "culinary concept" La Folie is tested and improved for at least two months. During the "test period" you can taste the new products and help us to define the perfect recipe.

    We enjoy thinking out of the box, so we redefined pastries. The classic croissant or cheesecake will delight you with almond or whiskey cream flavor and our sandwiches and tarts will surprise you with the unusual flavor combination.

    If you have ever visited us, you already know we love innovation. We enthusiastically embrace challenges, so that your taste buds will always be flooded with the most surprising flavors.

    Once again, don’t take our word for it and pay us a visit!